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  • "Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari

A Hug.. Or An Invitation To Paint

After he retired, he started writing his daily observations in a notebook. He gives names to the newly born animals, he makes notes about the deaths of old trees, he writes about the sun, the wind, the jackals and the arguments with the old men at the nearby mosque, and he notes the gossips his wife collects.

From time to time, he sticks a flower into the notebook, usually a red one.

And in the days of harvest, he signs each page with his name.

He writes everyday, but he's not talkative. He's engulfed with a warm silence that feels like a hug.. or an invitation to paint.

old farmer sitting on a rock with green botany background - digital painting by freelance illustrator alhyari art
A Hug | Digital Portrait Painting | by Alhyari

This artwork was painted digitially in Procreate.

"Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari

Freelance Illustrator and Digital Artist