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  • "Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari

Art Commission: Climb Day

My patron for this project is a lovely American family who wanted to celebrate the birthday of their daughter with a special gift.

They asked me to do the artworks, for a book to be printed, in a "slightly whimsical, light color palette, feminine, nothing super cartoonish" style, something like Maple & Willow's. For this I bought three books of Lori Nichols, and I tried to imitate the soul of her illustrations. I had also to study the works of other children artists. On the top of the list was the amazing Rosie Butcher.

Bringing the story's text to life was a great experience.

The daughter, and I will call her Mira, wanted to climb to the top of 42-foot rock wall at her neighborhood's recreation center. The year before Mira tried her hardest. She made it part way up the wall but her fear of falling held her back.

The next time she climbed a quarter of the way up with ease. Then Mira got a bit scared.

She decided to keep going and climbed, carefully finding food and hand holds to pull herself up.

Two women cheered her on saying: "WOW! Look at her! You can do it!"

Friends and family cheered her on.

Mira took one more big step, pulled herself up and RANG THAT BELL!

When she reached the ground, Mira gave her family the biggest hug.

Mira was so proud of herself and her accomplishment.

On the way home she told her parents she already had a new goal - to climb up again using an even harder route.

Well, and I wish I work with this nice family again in the next year :)