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  • "Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari

Art Commission: Flame

My patron for this project is the producer of an upcoming series.

The project is titled: Flame, and it's a behind-the-scenes look at two warring families in the luxury brand world, the Bentonis and the Armands.

By accepting the project I signed an NDA; so I cannot disclose more details. However, I can tell I'm glad I was chosen to portrait the main characters as described in the character bible and to bring some scenes into life in the form of finished storyboards.

Some characters were depicted to look like real-life celebrities and most of them have real-life analog peers in the fashion world. Executing the project, I had to do lots of study and research to come out with works that bring the soul of the characters out to the spectator.

This is round one of my commissioned artworks for this project. More will come later.


Mario Bentoni

Vanessa Bentoni

Luigi Bentoni

Berinelle Armand

Andrea Bentoni

Celia Armand

Thibault Armand


The customer asked for the 3rd panel to be replaced with another one showing Luigi Bentoni with his father, Mario, in an ambulance after the incident.

The final version of the storyboard for the first commissioned scene. The customer provided panel description with Dialogue and SFX, and we moved through the process closely together from the rough sketches to the finished work.