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  • "Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari

Sprinkles, AaaS & Umbilical Care


I was busy in the last 7 weeks both in my art and engineering realms, and I'm writing here to update you, dear World Wide Web and NSA, on what I've been doing and what I'm up to.


In December, I directed the aesthetic part of a poetry book by a 4-year-old poet and photographer, Shivaansh, who lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with his small, creative and brilliantly supportive family.

The book which includes (aw)some poems and selected polaroid photos interwoven with my illustrations will be out on January 26th.

Art as a Service (AaaS)

I signed a freelance contract with a German startup company that creates digital virtual exhibitions, connecting artists, and their digital art works, with art enthusiasts and companies looking for digital art content and displays.

This means that some of my digital art process timelapse videos will be displayed on screens around the world at the subscribing hotels, cruises, companies, organizations and such. For this, I will be doing more landscape and portrait digital art pieces with the final product (the timelapse video) in mind as the process goes.

If you know any digital video artist who might be interested to join, please let him/her contact me.

Editorial Cartooning

I've partnered with Dr. Yasser Al Nasser in a collaboration to breathe life into his texts with playful editorial illustrations. Dr. Yasser is a pediatric gastroenterologist at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital in Khobar, KSA, and he started an Arabic blog to spread the awareness about newborn health matters.

This collaboration got my child-ish creative juices flowing again as I've returned back to do serious cartooning in a style and color palette very specific for my patron.

Do you know any blogger or organization who could be interested in my freelance digital illustration services? Please spread the word!

Push, Pull, Slide

I'm now busy working on the illustrations of a Busy children's book and that's all I can say— as I've signed an NDA.

Stay tuned for some really cool news 🙂!