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  • "Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari

The Passion Project with Jess

The Passion Project with Jess is a Facebook TV channel and soon-to-be podcast. 

Jess Polhiu interviews everyday people about their passions and how they come to find them, to inspire others and share the light. 

Jess commissioned me to illustrate her podcast cover with a yellow background and (almost) flat colors. She wanted her signature dreadlocks to pop up and this was the result 🙂

The Passion Project with Jess | Podcast Cover | by Alhyari

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This artwork was painted digitially in Procreate. "Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari Freelance Illustrator and Digital Artist

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"Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari | Freelance Digital Artist & Children's Book Illustrator | Khobar, Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia