Freelance Digital Art & Illustrations Services

Below is a list of the main freelance digital art & illustration services I offer online, remotely throughout the globe.

I charge $75 per hour for my digital art and illustration work, normally offering a flat fee. The estimated time depends on the size and complexity of your project, and additional fees or royalties may apply depending upon the licensing needs (the exclusivity rights purchased). I generally make a discount of 15% for projects with over 10 illustrations/artworks.

To learn more about my digital art & illustration commission process, please check out the FAQs.

As a freelance digital artist & illustrator, I offer my services worldwide, online, from the lovely city of Khobar, Saudi Arabia.


Children's Book Illustration

I offer a large variety of styles to bring life into children's media, prints and book illustrations.

The Arab Sheikh | Digital Illustration Service | Procreate | by Alhyari Art

Digital Illustration

I offer elegant digital illustrations in different styles for editorials, blogs, picture books & more.

Sunset Over Palestine | Digital Landscape Painting Service | Procreate | by Alhyari Art

Digital Landscape Painting

I offer conceptual and realistic digital painting services of landscapes and environments.


Cartoon Portrait Painting

I offer custom cartoon portrait painting in a dynamic and playful style. (Print-on-demand.)

In The Mangrove Tunnel | Narrative Digital Painting Service | Procreate | by Alhyari Art

Narrative Digital Painting

I bring narratives to life visually, for picture books, graphic novels, children's books & more.


Custom Portrait Painting

Gift a top-quality custom portrait painting, rich with light, shadow, and details. (Print-on-demand.)


Cartooning & Caricaturing

I offer cartoon and caricature paintings for publications, blogs, children's books, gifts & more.

Cinematic Digital Painting

I produce artworks with strong narrative techniques and solid visual storytelling concepts

Open Heart | Concept Art Freelance Service | Procreate | by Alhyari Art

Concept Art

I offer concept art and 2D sequence illustration services for TV, film, ads & other media. 

Visual Development

I love to develop visual concepts for games, marketing campaigns, posters, TV & film.

Illustrator Using a Tablet

Digital Art Tutorials

Free and premium online digital painting & illustration resources and tutorials.

Going Places 😉

Hands-on digital art workshops. Art talks. Digital art courses.

Live painting for events & more.

Digital Art & Illustration Commissions