Freelance Digital Art & Illustration Services Online

Below is a list of the main freelance digital art & illustration services I offer.

My labor price is $75/hour. The time required depends on the quality and complexity of the artwork/project, and additional fees or royalties may apply based on the required license (the exclusivity rights purchased.)

To learn more about the digital art & illustration commission process, please check the FAQs.

As a freelance digital artist & illustrator, I offer my services globally, online, from the lovely city of Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

In The Mangrove Tunnel | Narrative Digital Painting Service | Procreate | by Alhyari Art

Narrative Digital Painting

I bring narratives to life visually, for picture books, graphic novels, children's books & more.

Maria Sharapova | Digital Portrait Painting Service | Procreate | by Alhyari Art

Digital Portrait Painting

I paint digital portraits in various styles for publication characters, advertisements & individuals.

Children's Book Illustration

I offer a large variety of styles to bring life into children's media, prints and book illustrations.

The Arab Sheikh | Digital Illustration Service | Procreate | by Alhyari Art

Digital Illustration

I offer elegant digital illustrations in different styles for editorials, blogs, picture books & more.

Sunset Over Palestine | Digital Landscape Painting Service | Procreate | by Alhyari Art

Digital Landscape Painting

I offer conceptual and realistic digital painting services of landscapes and environments.

Gift A Portrait | Digital Portrait Painting Online Service | Procreate | by Alhyari Art

Gift A Portrait

Gift a portrait in the style & price you like: cartoon, basic, stylized or realistic. (Print-on-demand.)

Open Heart | Concept Art Freelance Service | Procreate | by Alhyari Art

Concept Art

I offer concept art and 2D sequence illustration services for TV, film, ads & other media. 

Visual Development

I love to develop visual concepts for games, marketing campaigns, posters, TV & film.

Cartooning & Caricaturing

I offer cartoon and caricature paintings for publications, blogs, children's books, gifts & more.

Cinematic Digital Painting

I offer cinematic visual storytelling techniques for illustrating story concepts.

Khaliji Arab Boy | Character Design | Alhyari Art

On-demand Art Prints

On-demand printing of your favorite artworks is fulfilled via Printful on the Shop page.

Going Places 😉

Hands-on digital art workshops. Art talks. Digital art courses.

Live painting for events & more.

Looking for some other digital art or illustration service? Contact me now to discuss the possibilities.



what people say

Muhammad is an amazing artist and a kind soul. He was able to tease out the details of each family member and capture them - from the teenager that only ever gives a small wry smile to the exuberant 7 year-old that can hardly ever stand still. His gentle manner in communication hides great strength in his artistry. We could not be happier with the end result or the process, in which he kept us informed.


I would recommend him without reservation.

— Ben Holt, United States

"Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari | Freelance Digital Artist & Commercial Illustrator | Khobar, Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia

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