Portrait of "Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari, a freelance digital artist and illustrator based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia


My name is "Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari.
I am a lifetime artist and a full-time engineer.

Alhyari.Art is home to my portfolio, blog, shop,
and to my freelance digital art services which
I offer online, globally from Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

The answer for who am I keeps changing.

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This space is a window on my creative world: my digital art and illustration portfolio, freelance digital art and illustration services, art prints shop, and an art blog that is home to my writing and photography endeavors.

I am a visual storyteller. My artworks are generally centered around oriental topics, stories and characters as I feel obliged to participate in carrying the moral burden of telling the region's forgotten stories and adding up to its local (mainly Arabic) online content. In this context, I paint poems and souls.

I am working currently on a graphic novel that takes place in my city in Jordan: as-Salt.

I am open for digital art commissions and illustration projects, such as: visual development (VisDev), personal and group digital portrait painting (Gift A Portrait), editorial illustration, book cover design, character design, concept art, children's book illustration, storyboarding, landscape painting, and more. I am also open for art talks (mainly about the intervening worlds of art and technology, art and AI, the freelance digital art business) and private and group digital art tutorial workshops and broad-topic bootcamps.

Nowadays I live in Khobar with my wife, Bayan, and our 3 lovely children, Tameem, al-Yaman and Maria.