Alhyari Art, Freelance Digital Artist and Illustrator based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia

My name is Muhammad at-Tayieb al-Hyari, and I am a freelance digital artist, cartoonist and illustrator based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. As a visual storyteller, I love creating narrative art that connects with people around the globe.

When I'm not at my studio, I can usually be found sketching at a café table, seeking inspiration in a park, walking along the corniche, or exploring new things at Ithra with my wife Bayan and our lovely children: Tameem (12), al-Yaman (10) and Maria (5).

This website is the window into my creative world, featuring my portfolio, freelance digital art and illustration services, art resources & tutorials, and an art blog.

My experience as a professional artist includes visual development (VisDev), cartooning, caricaturing, digital portrait painting, book cover design, character design, concept art, children's book illustration, storyboarding, and landscape painting, in the fields of publishing, marketing, enterprise projects, and screen production. I also deliver digital art workshops and boot camps, and I paint live at events.

My clients include: Aramco, Misk Art Institute, Slumberkins, Emirates, Al-Futtaim Education Foundation, McCANN, Ogilvy, IDC, Infor, Design Defender, and others, in addition to companies and individuals working in marketing, publishing, and film & TV.

I am a cheerful person who is eager to learn new things, as well as to share my knowledge with others. Would love to work with you on a project if you think we will be a good match. Interested in collaborating on creative endeavors?