Commissions - What are the creative services you offer?

I offer a variety of digital art & illustration services. You can find them in detail here.

My digital art & illustration services cover, but are not limited to, the list below:

  • Narrative Digital Painting Services

  • Digital Portrait Painting Services

  • Children's Book Illustration Services

  • Digital Illustration Services

  • Digital Landscape Painting Services

  • 'Gift A Portrait' Service

  • Concept Art Services

  • Visual Development Services

  • Cartooning & Caricaturing Services

  • Cinematic Digital Painting Services (Visual Storytelling)

  • Character Design Services

  • Live Digital Painting Demonstration

  • Digital Art Workshops

  • Digital Art Talks

  • Live Painting At Events

  • And More...

Commissions - How do I order a custom painting or illustration?

For freelance art commissions, please visit the price quote page and fill the no-obligation form.


Please give a detailed description of the artwork you want:

  • The subject matter of the commission (i.e. digital portrait, editorial illustration, visual story, commercial illustration, graphic novel, children's book illustration, storyboards, realist digital painting, etc.)

  • Preferred painting style (share the reference: character reference sheets, style references, photographic references, etc.) It will be optimum if you share a reference from Alhyari.Art Gallery, but this is not mandatory as I'm open to different aesthetic styles.

  • The mediums required (e.g. digital painting, traditional painting, copic marker and pencils drawing, etc.)

  • Size specifications (i.e. canvas size, resolution, DPI, color model, etc.)

  • Deadlines, if any (better be flexible.)

  • Themes (i.e. if the image should portray anything.)

  • Copyright expectations (i.e. Transfer of Copyright.)

  • Additional requests (i.e. digital prints, framing and mounting etc.)


I will send you the price quote within 2 working days.


If not specified, the DPI value for the digital artworks will be set to 300 for high resolution printing and the canvas size will start at 2,500 px wide. The color model will be sRGB Standard Color.

For each subject, please include pose, clothing, objects and any special characteristics to be painted. Specify eye color and hair color, as these features often do not show correctly in photos. You may wish to send reference images for clothing and objects too.


If any of the above is not clear, I might contact you back with some questions before sending the price quote.

Commissions - How does the children's book illustration process work?

The illustration process I follow to serve my clients works as follows. Normally I suggest starting with one pilot piece only and if things go well for both parties, we proceed together with the whole project.

1- Briefing: the process begins by asking the client for a brief description of the wanted design concept. Based on that, I propose the possible design solution and illustration style customized for the project.


2- Collaboration: in this phase, you have to answer some questions related to the illustration specifications and publishing matters. These questions (most of them are in the FAQ above) are important to set the timeline and the price.


3- Rough Thumbanils: I would then forward you the rough storyboards and the rough character sketches I have created. You would have to choose the illustrations and concepts you deem fit and I would then enhance them further.

The same applies to color palette as I share the rough colored thumbnails.

Important note: if the publishing house has the right to ask for modifications, its approval has to be taken at this point.

4- The actual work: I will 80% finish one piece and share the illustration for feedback. Minor changes and revisions are approved without any fee. Major changes and revisions may be subject to a fee (up to 10% of the piece's price.)

We proceed in similar way with the reamining panels.

You'll go thoroughly through the design and ask for preferable changes and I'll make sure the final result is up to your liking with no room for dissatisfaction.

5- Delivery: after you are content with the final illustration, I then forward all the files to you in high-resolution formats and appropriate copyrights.

Commissions - How do you price the commissioned artworks?

My labor price is $75/hour. The time required depends on the quality and complexity of the artwork/project, and additional fees or royalties may apply based on the required license (the exclusivity rights purchased.)

So the pricing depends on the:

  • Deliverables: scope of work, how many illustrations are required, the style and complexity of the artworks (level of detail.)

  • How the artworks will be used: normally, I -as an artist- will keep the copyright of the images I do. The copyright can be purchased, however, the fees tend to be above the budget for most of the clients. The common option here is buying the usage licence which states where and how you may use the artwork. You should tell where the work will be displayed, and in which media. For example: physical print, website, social media, digital display, in stores, on merchandise, on billboards etc. You have also to specify which territories in the world and for how long you'd like to use the artworks.

For this, your detailed project descriptions are required for me to share an estimated price quickly.

I generally make a discount of 15% on the whole price after the 10th piece.

P.S. You can always add your budget when you fill the non-obligatory price quote form.

P.S. Some portrait styles are offerred with fixed prices starting at $55, here.


Commissions - What is the time required to complete a commission? 

The time to deliver a commission depends on the complexity of the style and the deliverables required. I can provide a pretty accurate turn around time for a project once briefed about the deliverables. The better the brief, the better the estimate.

If needed, your briefs can be shared with me under a non-disclosure-agreement (NDA.) I won't disclose or misuse your work anyway! :)

P.S. You can specify the required time to deliver a commission when you fill the non-obligatory price quote form.

Commissions - I have a problem submitting the Price Quote form!


If turning Javascript in your browser ON doesn’t help, then you may contact me directly at muhammad@alhyari.art.

Commissions - How can I share my reference photos?


If the file isn't large for email, please send it to me at: muhammad@alhyari.art.


You can also upload your reference files to Alhyari.Art's File Sharing Portal. You need to sign up as a member to use this service.


Alternatively, you may add a weblink to the reference files into the body of your price quote message.


Commissions - I could not upload my reference file to Alhyari.Art


To upload your reference files to Alhyari.Art's File Sharing Portal, you need to sign up as a member.


Below is a list of the files allowed and the upload size limits:

  • Documents (docx, doc, ppt, pptx, pdf, ...) files. Size limit: 25 MB.

  • Images (jpg, png, gif) files. Size limit: 25 MB.

  • Vector Art (svg) files. Size limit: 250 KB.

  • Video (avi, mpeg, mpg, mp4, mkv, webm, mov, m4v, ...) files. Size limit: 15GB or 10 minutes length max.

Alternatively, you may add a weblink to the reference files into the body of your price quote message.


If you still have a problem uploading your reference file(s), please email: muhammad@alhyari.art.


Commissions - What is the required quality of my reference photos?


Details and clarity are necessary for the artwork’s success.

Please select photos that are as large as possible.

Please send several photos of each subject to be drawn.

Please send a closeup of the face and a full body shot.


Hint: I recommend using Google’s PhotoScan application to scan and share your printed photos.


Commissions - Should I make a deposit?


If you agree to the quote, an invoice will be automatically created and sent to you.


Payment option #1:

The invoice links to a secure payment gateway. Click ‘Pay Invoice’ then ‘Buy Now’ and you will be redirected to PayPal where you can complete your purchase securely. Follow the payment steps to completion.

Payment option #2:

The invoice includes my bank account details for wire transfer.

I will acknowledge the payment once made. You’ll also receive a receipt.

Unless other terms are specified, I ask for 50% of the quote as a down payment.

The down payment is non-refundable.


Commissions - In which currency should I pay for the art commission?


Payment is done through PayPal in USD ($) with an amount equivalent to that in the price quote (e.g. in SAR). You’ll need to have PayPal account and/or credit card for this.

For money transfer to my bank account, you can choose your local currency equivalent to the quoted price in SAR.

If you prefer to pay by other means, I am open to suggestions :)


Commissions - Can I see samples of the artwork during the progress?


As the artwork progresses, I normally share samples of line art, basic colors, lights and shades, background and other aspects of the artwork. The samples are accompanied by written descriptions about the steps done and those to come.


Commissions - Can I ask for changes or modifications during the progress?

Yes, you may suggest changes to the artwork after reviewing both the line art sample and the color sample. Normally, no changes are required after these steps, but modifying colors is typical at this stage. Backgrounds can be changed, as well, but any adjustments that are extensive and/or not aligned with the initial description upon which the quote was made may require additional charges.


However, this is rare. Don’t worry! :)


Commissions - How do I pay the balance to get the final commissioned artwork?

Once you are satisfied with the artwork and you don’t need further modifications, the artwork is considered accepted and ready to be converted into a print-ready form.


At this stage I will send another invoice for the due payment. I will release the final artwork after the balance is paid.


Commissions - How do I get the finished commissioned artwork?

After acknowledging your balance payment, I will send you the final print-ready file in PSD and PDF formats. More formats can be provided if requested and available.


If it is small enough, the file will be sent to you by email as an attachment, but if it is too large for that, I will send you a link to download it.


Commissions - Can you deliver a printed copy of the commissioned artwork to me?


Normally I deliver a print-ready files that my customers print locally in their locations.


However, I can support providing your print through a private link I create under Alhyari.Art prints shop where you can see the product variations and prices. Note that after I create the link, the process is completely managed by third-party printing company. They’ll take care of the ordering, printing, packaging, shipping and payment processing.


General information on print ordering through Alhyari.Art shop:


  • You will be able to order the artwork as a print on a variety of materials including canvas, poster, metal, acrylic and more.

  • Every product goes through quality control and the responsible company makes sure it looks good before shipping it for you.

  • The service is available on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices.

  • The service can be used worldwide. The printed goods can be ordered and delivered in the United States, Europe, Canada, South & Central America, Asia, Middle East, North & South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Orders are usually shipped out within 3 business days and arrive within 12 (faster in most cases!).

  • Some products may be unavailable in the country you visit the site from, and some cannot be provided since due to having different aspect ratio than the artwork chosen.


Commissions - Terms and Conditions


The legal terms and conditions which apply for the art commissions requested through Alhyari.Art are under the Commissions- Terms & Conditions page.


Purchasing Art Prints - How can I buy an art print from Alhyari.Art shop?

Prints of selected art works are available under the Art Shop section.

Click this link for a step-by-step video tutorial on how to purchase prints from the art shop.

Purchasing Art Prints - How long it takes to deliver the prints I buy from the art shop?


I am not involved in the manufacturing or shipment process. Orders are usually shipped out within 3 business days and arrive within 12 (faster in most cases!).


Limited Editions - Do you offer signed and numbered editions of the listed shop items?


Yes, if you are interested in a private print of any listed work, signed and numbered by me, please send an email to muhammad@alhyari.art and I'll guide you through the process.


Return and Refund:


After receiving the item, you can contact me within 15 days to retrieve your money back. The buyer pays the costs of the shipping: send & return.


Guarantee: Get the item you ordered or get your money back.


Shipping Info:

Please note in this case the shipment will be from Saudi Arabia or Jordan and the shipping cost will be calculated accordingly. The shipping company/service chosen by the buyer determines the cost too.

Domestic handling time:


I usually ship within 3 business days of receiving the cleared payment.

Delivery time estimated:


This depends on the shipping service you choose. However, a tracking number will be shared once the item is shipped.


Commercial Use - Can I use the downloadable digital photos I buy commercially?


This depends on the license you choose.

1. Standard License


Personal Use: YES
Commercial Use: NO
Editorial Use: NO
Number of Uses: 1


2. Extended License


Personal Use: YES
Commercial Use: YES
Editorial Use: YES
Number of Uses:
<You can specify the number upon purchasing.>


The license (in PDF format) with full legal terms will be provided on purchase for any of the options chosen.


Purchasing Source Files - I want to buy the original PSD file of one of your artworks, can I?


You can buy original PSD files of some of my artworks from my Gumroad page: https://gumroad.com/alhyari.

The layers normally included are: background, line work, basic colors, lights and shadows, corrective & stylistic add-ons, and twists that include liquify, curves, blur, overlay, vignette and noise touch-ups.


Purchasing Art Prints - Can I buy your art prints & merchandise from Society6 or other online shops?


Yes, you can buy art prints made by me from the below online art shops. They offer a diverse variety of prints and merchandise and if you're lucky, you might find them on discount.

Society6: https://society6.com/alhyari-art

Fine Art America: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/mohdaltayieb-alhyari

ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/alhyari/prints


Membership - Information for Site Members


General Info

After signing up, members can log in and out using the login button in the Blog page.

Member Settings

Once logged in, each member has a "My Account" page where they can add their personal details. This page from the site's menu and Google's search results. Be sure to save it to your favourites if you are a member of Alhyari.Art website.


Legal - Permissions and Licensing


Artwork Licensing

To license any of my artworks for commercial use, please contact me at muhammad@alhyari.art.


Personal Use

Personal use of my artwork is fine. It is just not allowed to sell my art or claim it without written approval.



When featuring my artworks on your blog or website, please post them with a link to alhyari.art.


Art Theft

I'll be very thankful if you contact me upon finding my artwork being used in a way that you suspect breaches the copyright or is illegal.


Legal - Privacy Policies


Alhyari.Art Privacy Policy


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